This policy brief by the EU project EPIC summarizes recommendations for AU-EU cooperation in Artificial Intelligence (

As artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are increasingly used across converging technologies, they become ever more difficult to manage and predict. This convergence is not just about technologies but also about the breaching of industry boundaries such as those between media, transportation, entertainment, and retail. While this may create an abundance of new products and services, it may also lead to undesirable consequences.

Australia and the European Union are taking the first steps to ensure the ethical development of AI. Each jurisdiction is working to create principles for AI development and application, and, where necessary, AI regulation. Australia and the EU not only share many of the challenges, but also many underlying ethical values. Australia and the EU are excellently positioned to collaborate in this domain. This includes: research into AI technologies and their implications for society; the exchange of good practices on exploiting AI for innovation while maintaining ethical principles, such as data ethics; and collaboration in AI regulation.

AU-EU AI Collaboration Potential External link:…Author(s): E. Prem et al.Year of publication: 2019