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This free and interactive guide is fun and very well done. Def worth a look if you want to add SQL to your kit bag.

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Chapter 1 examines Napoleon Beazley’s argument against capital punishment. We learn the structure of a SQL query and row operations on a table.

Chapter 2 estimates how many executed inmates may have been innocent. The technical theme is aggregating the entire table.

Chapter 3 studies counties with unusually high numbers of executions. We generalize Chapter 2 by applying aggregations on groups of rows.

Chapter 4 explores extended periods when no executions have occurred. Its theme is extending the table using joins.

Chapter 5 provides closing remarks and a collection of miscellaneous user-added challenge questions.


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Zi Chong Kao. Software engineer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He works at Stripe helping businesses issue credit cards. Some of his formative experiences were at: The Chinese High School, Singapore, Delta Wing, Officer Cadet School, The University of Chicago, Quora’s data science team and The Recurse CenterI. He has created Select Star SQL, an interactive book for learning SQL and Socratic Regression, a geometric guide to linear regression. (Source:

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Prose for is licensed by Zi Chong Kao under a Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 License.

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