Python for Everybody: Exploring Data in Python 3

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“Python for Everybody is designed to introduce students to programming and software development through the lens of exploring data. You can think of the Python programming language as your tool to solve data problems that are beyond the capability of a spreadsheet. Python is an easy to use and easy to learn programming language that is freely available on Macintosh, Windows, or Linux computers. So once you learn Python you can use it for the rest of your career without needing to purchase any software. This book uses the Python 3 language”. (Source: Amazon).

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Dr. Charles R. Severance

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B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Michigan State University. Charles is a Clinical Professor and teaches in the School of Information at the University of Michigan. He is the Chair of the Sakai Project Magament Committee (PMC). Previously he was the Executive Director of the Sakai Foundation and the Chief Architect of the Sakai Project and worked with the IMS Global Learning Consortium promoting and developing standards for teaching and learning technology. Charles teaches ten popular MOOCs and two specializations to students worldwide on the Coursera platform: Internet History, Technology, and Security, Web Applications for Everybody, and Python for Everybody and is a long-time advocate of open educational resources to empower teachers. Charles was the editor of the Computing Conversations column in IEEE Computer magazine from 2011-2017 that features a monthly article and video interview of a computing pioneer. Charles is the author of several books including: Python for Everybody, Sakai: Building an Open Source Community”, “Using Google App Engine”, from O’Reilly and Associates and the O’Reilly book titled, “High Performance Computing”. Charles has a background in standards including serving as the vice-chair for the IEEE Posix P1003 standards effort and edited the Standards Column in IEEE Computer Magazine from 1995-1999. (Source: )

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