Excel® VBA Notes for Professionals book


  1. Getting started with Excel VBA
  2. Arrays
  3. Conditional statements
  4. Ranges and Cells
  5. Named Ranges
  6. Merged Cells / Ranges
  7. Locating duplicate values in a range
  8. User Defined Functions (UDFs)
  9. Conditional formatting using VBA
  10. Workbooks
  11. Working with Excel Tables in VBA
  12. Loop through all Sheets in Active Workbook
  13. Use Worksheet object and not Sheet object
  14. Methods for Finding the Last Used Row or Column in a Worksheet
  15. Creating a drop-down menu in the Active Worksheet with a Combo Box
  1. File System Object
  2. Pivot Tables
  3. Binding
  4. autofilter ; Uses and best practices
  5. Application object
  6. Charts and Charting
  7. CustomDocumentProperties in practice
  8. PowerPoint Integration Through VBA
  9. How to record a Macro
  10. SQL in Excel VBA – Best Practices
  11. Excel-VBA Optimization
  12. VBA Security
  13. Debugging and Troubleshooting
  14. VBA Best Practices
  15. Excel VBA Tips and Tricks
  16. Common Mistakes

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