Up to €5 million from the EU-Funded DIH-HERO for robotic solutions that tackle COVID19

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DIH-HERO makes available up to €5 million for robotic solutions that tackle COVID19. Joining the Commission’s AI-Robotics vs COVID19 initiative, the project mobilises part of its Horizon 2020 funding to support healthcare professionals and save lives. This funding will become available through: The launch of an emergency COVID19 call of up to €1 million (approx. €100,000 per application, call open: 10/04/2020 with submission deadline: 17/04/2020); The mobilisation of the €4 million Technology Transfer Experiment call, also welcoming COVID19 related proposals (max. €200,000 per application, deadline 15/06/2020). The emergency COVID19 call focuses on robotic technologies and solutions that are already in a mature stage of development and can be deployed in the healthcare sector quickly. The main aim is to support healthcare professionals in the fight against COVID19, responding to a current clinical demand or need. Applicants are expected to finalise a first demonstrator of their solution within 4 weeks, while the whole project must be completed (preferably) within 8 weeks.

Source: European Commission, European AI Alliance staff. (No name is cited to protect forum secrecy).

FIGHTING COVID-19 OPEN CALL 2020 link here.

Call for funding: robotic tech and solutions immediately deployable in hospitals (Digital Single Market website of the European Commission): ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/news/call-funding-robotic-tech-and-solutions-immediately-deployable-hospitals

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