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ECPAIS begins next phase of efforts promoting responsible innovation in the algorithmic age

Completion of the first phase of work of The Ethics Certification Program for Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (ECPAIS), for the purpose of developing critical certification criteria for responsible innovation and delivery of autonomous and intelligent systems (A/IS).

IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA). PISCATAWAY, NJ, 26 February 2020

The AI Ethics oriented certification criteria, created by a trusted expert body of peers in ECPAIS Phase I, are focused on transparency, accountability and algorithmic bias. They are intended to enable cities and public and private organizations in diverse vertical industries, such as healthcare and medical devices, financial services, automotive, manufacturing and elder services, to identify themselves as being trustworthy and beneficial in their use of A/IS products, services and systems they develop or operate.

The three criteria will be shared with participants working on Phase II of ECPAIS.

IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA). PISCATAWAY, NJ, 26 February 2020

Companies, governments, public bodies and other interested stakeholders globally are invited to contact IEEE to engage in the second phase of ECPAIS work by leading initiatives applying any of the three certification criteria in vertical industries, developing proofs of concept and/or helping to define ways to implement the criteria. The second phase of ECPAIS work will focus on these attributes and approaches, providing the basis to be applied in overall design frameworks for A/IS and leading toward trustworthy deployed systems in business-to-business, -consumer and -government environments.

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