The growing mismatch between our social structures and our new technologies

Date & CEST time:  Wednesday May 27th – 15:00 to 16:00

Speaker: Steen Rasmussen from University of Southern Denmark & Santa Fe Institute

Some conclusions from our workshops and working groups at the Lorentz Center and the Santa Fe Institute, 2015-2020

What is Steen’s talk about:

Based on data starting about year 1200 till today I will give a historical perspective of the coevolution of our physical and social technologies and what it means for our development of wealth. One of the main conclusions of our study is that our definition of wealth likely will change in the foreseeable future (Sibani & Rasmussen, 2020). A more true measure of wealth is access to solutions for human problems and not as now the sum of the value of products and services at the market (Beinhocker, 2017). Then I’ll give a few examples from our studies regarding possible solutions to mitigate the current mismatch between our physical and social technologies.

Organizer & Moderator: Carmen Mac Williams. Director of the company Grassroots Arts, and partner in the European AI4EU project. Contact:

The recordings of the past AI4EU Cafés you can find on gotostage and on youtube. And all the info of the past and present Cafés here.

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