Data Ethics in Public Procurement of AI-based Services and Solutions


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Technologies are not neutral, neither are choices in the public procurement of AI. The AI systems we deploy today are the systems we will live with tomorrow. Artificial intelligence is increasingly shaping the opportunities of European citizens and transforming their relationships with governments and public authorities. Today we have the opportunity to responsibly define the way AI will be implemented in the future.


undefined Gry Hasselbalch. Member EU AI High Level Expert Group. Cofounder Vice chair IEEE P7006. (Source:

undefined Birgitte Kofod Olsen. CSR Director and Human Rights Advisor. (Source:

undefined Pernille Tranberg. She is a veteran journalist, currently working as a special consultant to the Danish Business Authority, advising them on sustainable big data. Pernille served as advisor to the CEO of Berlingske Media, editor-in-chief at consumer advocacy magazine Tænk and reporter at national daily Politiken. (Source:

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