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We have launched, within the open publishing platform “PubPub“, a research community in English language (its equivalent in Spanish too). The benefit is based on four pillars: 1) readers, 2) authors, 3) reviewers and 4) journals. (This is based in OpenSource software).

As part of the Knowledge Futures Group, we’re committed to making PubPub open and easily accessible to a wide range of groups. That means we’re committed to providing a free version of PubPub forever, releasing open-source code, and operating under non-profit, sustainable, researcher-friendly business models.

MISSION declared from PubPub

The editor works together with the base software as a powerful tool that has its own instruments to peer review, tracking metrics, assign DOIs, the citation, the attached metadata, and the mathematical formulas. Multiple file formats are supported in data loading. Multiple researchers can work on the same research and be cited. Your data as a researcher (Orcid, Github, Google Scholar, etc.) is indexed. Sharing and discussing publication is also an internal feature.

PubPub was originally conceived by three graduate students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): Travis Rich, Thariq Shihipar, and David Moinina Sengeh (More information about). And we appreciate their principles and ideologies… And follow them, and supporting OpenScience and additionally with new researchers is our greatest goal.

This is a example from MITPress, and our thematic monographs on Medicine, Automotive and Cybersecurity will be launched on this platform together with the research community too.

Welcome to OpenScience!

The Bible of AI OpenScience
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