A short tour of Scikit-image library with hands-on code


🔘 Book page: tirthajyoti.github.io/Scikit-image-book/Intro.html

In this short book, we illustrate some of the core algorithms/functions of this popular Python library for image processing and manipulation tasks, with hands-on code examples.

Dr. Tirthajyoti Sarkar


You can think of scikit-image as the first essential library to get familiar with, if you want to work in the field of computer vision / image processing. Examples from the Scikit-image website. All the examples in this book are directly from the Scikit-image website. I have merely enhanced the code with comments and put them together in a single, navigable manner.. (Source: tirthajyoti.github.io/Scikit-image-book/Intro.html).


Tirthajyoti Sarkar. “Innovator and technologist with 15+ years of experience in R&D and product development. Currently focused on applying data analytics/machine learning to semiconductor/electronics domain.”. (Source: tirthajyoti.github.io/).

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