Side-Channel Sensing: Exploiting Side-Channels to Extract Information for Medical Diagnostics and Monitoring


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Information within systems can be extracted through side-channels; unintended communication channels that leak information. The concept of side-channel sensing is explored, in which sensor data is analysed in non-trivial ways to recover subtle, hidden or unexpected information. Practical examples of side-channel sensing are well known in domains such as cybersecurity (CYB), but are not formally recognised within the domain of medical diagnostics and monitoring (MDM). This article reviews side-channel usage within CYB and MDM, identifying techniques and methodologies applicable to both domains. We establish a systematic structure for the use of side-channel sensing in MDM that is comparable to existing structures in CYB, and promote cross-domain transferability of knowledge, mindsets, and techniques.


Aaron Spence, Shaun Bangay

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