Volunteers for Artificial Intelligence

Being a volunteer means having very important personal values. It means, above all, solidarity with the human being and society. And…

It also has its advantages. like these: publish with us with academic and research scope in the two communities on Artificial Intelligence: The Bible of AI and Instituto tecnológico virtual de la Inteligencia Artificial para el español. Or 1.- Basic level AI Training | 2.- Medium and high level AI training | 3.- Videos AI training | 4.- Professional certifications. And much more in the future…

And through…

Instituto tecnológico virtual de la Inteligencia Artificial para el españól ™ – (IAeñ)

The virtual technological institute of Artificial Intelligence for Spanish, an international volunteer program called “Solidarity Artificial Intelligence for the whole of society” will be established (in constant improvement, open and dynamic) to make collaboration agreements on the following issues:

  • 1.- Provide scholarships to students in their last year of university degree or doctoral programs related to Artificial Intelligence, in line with the international Erasmus programs for the next call 2020-2021.
  • 2.- Internships in companies, technology centers, universities and institutions that are related to Artificial Intelligence and, additionally, cybersecurity: aligned with actions KA1, KA2 and KA3 of the Erasmus programs and similar to this develop for us with other countries associated fron Turky, England, Italy, etc.
  • 3.- Establish a Collaborative Network AI (CNAI) around Artificial Intelligence where citizens, above all, acquire the important role they have to play for a future associated with technology.
  • 4.- Carry out events (local, national, international) whose objective is to spread the values ​​and capacity of technology to improve society. Interconnected with IEEE and ISACA events.
  • 5.- An idiomatic Wikipedia for Artificial Intelligence terminology. (In this area the participation of specialized AI linguists is important). In line with this pilot document made by us.
  • And…

For that we need capable volunteers who have high and committed personal values…. If you have initiative to share with us, now is the time to do it. Contact us. Together will make it!

The Bible of AI™. June 1, 2020.

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