Citizens & Artificial Intelligence

In memory of Aaron Swartz. (Credit image: Sage Ross),

The voice of the Society must also be present in a technological future around Artificial Intelligence (AI), a future that will have to be created to live tomorrow. In this section there are no estates, nor standards, nor governments, nor social limitations. Here the citizens (legitimate heirs of civilizations) have the last word… and opinion: educated, constructive and thoughtful. Necessarily responsible.

This section is governed by our principles and will be sponsored to help the development of the “Volunteers for Artificial Intelligence” Program (much like this, but here where you are right now). Help create humanly technological values! (Please see the section “How to be a sponsor?” To know the process).

  • The section will be open to receive articles on December 1, 2020. Please request to participate in it using the form to create an account as a collaborator at The Bible of AI ™ in the section “Citizens & Artificial Intelligence“. The process is free and you will have complete freedom to present your ideas and principles as well as knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence.
  • This page and the articles of the citizens, in turn, will allow the inclusion of comments.
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