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Radiology Masterclass provides online medical imaging educational resources for medical students, junior doctors and allied health care professionals. Below are cases and medical imaging studies from the Radiology Masterclass bank.

Chest X-rayTrauma X-ray
Anatomical VariantsUpper limb – Gallery 1
Airways and lung collapseUpper limb – Gallery 2
Devices and artifactsLower limb – Gallery 1
PneumothoraxLower limb – Gallery 2
Lung cancerAxial skeleton – Gallery 1
Mediastinum and hilumAxial skeleton – Gallery 2
Pulmonary diseaseAbdominal X-ray
Cardiac diseaseAbnormalities
CT BrainCalcification
Gallery 1Other
Gallery 2MRI

Tip1: Take a look at Covid-19 area below regarding images. It consists of: 1.- Covid-19 image bank from Radiology Masterclass & 2.- Machine Learning development from scratch that uses FastAI and that describes the training of an image classifier (chest X-ray) to identify if a person has COVID-19 or not. (The development is in Spanish, use Google Chrome for other languages).

Tip2: You can use, for learning and research, different image banks as COVID-19 Radiography Database or COVID-19 Chest X-ray Dataset. Here it is also attached (in another section tab) COVID-19 Data Hub… And you can also consider use U-Net Convolutional Networks for Biomedical Image Segmentation (or other variants as ResUNet or variants like DoubleU-Net considered in this paper or, regarding Covid19, this one paper) instead of FastAI. (FastAI tutorials are also available in our learning section here).

Tip3: Regarding sets environment, you can take a look to this search engine from Google that helps researchers locate online data that is freely available for use.

Tip4: Take a look at Plos medicine, Plos collections COVID-19 pandemic 2019-20.

Tip5: Take a look at the outline material of the webinar “Machine Learning for Medical Imaging Analysis Demystified“.

Tip6: Take a look to our Book Medicine section to learn about

TIP7: Take a look to medXir publications in medical imaging

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