INTERPOL: Impact of COVID-19 on Financial Crimes, webinar

The complexity of acting against cybercriminal internet domains was discussed; also on the techniques used in cybercrime… Information and detailed well-explained was offered by INTERPOL members, on how to detect and act in most cases.

The European Data Protection Supervisor, 2019 Annual Report a year of transition

With new legislation on data protection in the EU now in place, our greatest challenge moving into 2020 is to ensure that this legislation produces the promised results. This includes ensuring that new rules on ePrivacy remain firmly on the EU agenda. Awareness of the issues surrounding data protection and privacy and the importance of rotecting these fundamental rights is at an all time high and we cannot allow this momentum to decline.

CSIRTs and criminal justice authorities

CSIRTs and criminal justice authorities – good practices of collaboration on cybercrime and electronic evidence (webinar, Council Europe)

Encrypted Traffic Analysis

This report explores the current state of affairs in Encrypted Traffic Analysis and in particular discusses research and methods in 6 key use cases; viz. application identification, network analytics, user information identification, detection of encrypted malware, file/device/website/location fingerprinting and DNS tunnelling detection.

Regulación de la Inteligencia Artificial en 7 puntos estratégicos mundiales y conclusiones

|Autor: Juan Antonio Lloret Egea ||© 2019. Licencia de uso y distribución: Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 | Escrito: 25/10/2019. Actualizado: 25/10/2019 | | Preprint DOI 10.13140/RG.2.2.14464.38402 | 9.3-1.- Introducción Una encuesta de organizaciones internacionales describe el enfoque que los organismos de las Naciones Unidas y las organizaciones regionales han adoptado hacia la IA Para describir …

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