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Artificial Intelligence

“In this document we expand this definition to clarify certain aspects of AI as a scientific discipline and as a technology, with the aim to avoid misunderstandings, to achieve a shared common knowledge of AI that can be fruitfully used also by non-AI experts, and to provide useful details that can be used in the discussion on both the AI ethics guidelines and the AI policies recommendations”.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers


“Developed through the collaborative work of the Glossary Committee, a Committee of The IEEE Global Initiative, with input from Committees and Chairs over the duration of EADv1, EADv2 and EAD1e along with feedback from multiple Chairs of the IEEE P7000TM Series, this Glossary is meant to be an illustrative tool for teams attempting to work on difficult cross boundary issues such as those ethical issues that may arise in the development, design, or deployment of artificial intelligence. The purpose of this glossary is to give interdisciplinary”.

Artificial intelligence

“This glossary of artificial intelligence is a list of definitions of terms and concepts relevant to the study of artificial intelligence, its sub-disciplines, and related fields. Related glossaries include Glossary of computer science, Glossary of robotics, and Glossary of machine vision”.

Artificial Intelligence

“The data science and artificial intelligence terms you need while reading the latest research”.

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