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This page is currently being updated. Please consider this provisional version. June, 2020

AI + Ethics curriculum for Middle School

(Imag. Cred: Ilana Pelzman-Kern)

“Children today live in the age of artificial intelligence. On average, US children tend to receive their first smartphone at age 10, and by age 12 over half of all children have their own social media account. Additionally, it’s estimated that by 2022, there will be 58 million new jobs in the area of artificial intelligence. Thus, it’s important that the youth of today are both conscientious consumers and designers of AI. This project seeks to develop an open source curriculum for middle school students on the topic of artificial intelligence. Through a series of lessons and activities, students learn technical concepts—such as how to train a simple classifier—and the ethical implications those technical concepts entail, such as algorithmic bias”.

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