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ProjectInvestigating, Developing and Providing Awareness About Innovative Lesson Syllabus Implemented in Cyber Security Technologies in Information Technologies

Url: http://www.cybersecurityplus.org/

In 2017-2019 several European countries developed a Cybersecurity curriculum (Members of ‘The Bible of AI were involved) to use it as a base element for higher education levels in as many European countries as possible. 

This course prepares for CompTIA Security +


Provides instruction in the basic of network security in depth. Includes security objectives, security architecture, security models and security layers; risk management, network security policy, and security training. Includes the give security keys, confidentiality integrity, availability, accountability and auditability. Lecture 3 hours per week.

N. MODULES: 5. DURATION: 45 hours. COURSE. PREREQUISITES: INT 100 or ITN 101 or networking/network protocols knowledge. (Suscribe).


This unique database lists cybersecurity degrees in EU, EFTA, and other European countries and aims at becoming the main point of reference for all citizens looking to upskill their knowledge in the cybersecurity field. A dedicated search tool provides users with the possibility to discover cybersecurity degrees filtering them by country, type of programme, and delivery method. Up-to-date information on each degree is gathered, organised and displayed in order to provide a comprehensive overview of the training course proposed.

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