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EU AI Alliance Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
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🇪🇺 The European Union has several working groups in the area of ​​new technologies [European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EGE)]. For us, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is very significant, because it encompasses such serious concepts and principles as ethics, explainability, reliability, justice, human control, etc. To this end, the European Union has published:  “Ethics guidelines for trustworthy AI“. (You can take a look to other in our web as in the figure below at ‘Campus‘ -> ‘Library‘ -> ‘Ethics, explainability and fairness‘ or in our book “The states of Artificial Intelligence“, Chapter 4.5).

Organizations and entities that describe their vision of artificial intelligence and the principles and significant elements

Other countries and organizations are also added through national and international studies, proposals and initiatives, such as those described in the chapter 4 of our book “The States of Artificial Intelligence“.
In the face of such an incipient and constantly developing future, an option such as #OpenScience becomes a very valuable player so that the whole society can contribute and add principles, values ​​and thoughts to the human and adequate development of Artificial Intelligence. It is undeniably a task of society as a whole without being able to allow us the absence of any establishment that can contribute singular elements that compile a fair and plural idiosyncrasy.

Due to the above, a relevant element is research publications and media that are published daily on Artificial Intelligence ( #AI ) and its associated areas. Given this situation, our publication trying in a responsible, scientific, methodological and academic way will assume a mediator and filter role to deliver the work that could and should be held by the members of the European Alliance for Artificial Intelligence and, by extension, may be by the High Level Expert Group (AI HLEG).

We propose to researchers, journalists, citizens and other elements of society to send us their works if they are interested in their own published works (or to be published following this guide) to be taken into account, and to study the possibility that through the figure of our director (as a member of the European Alliance for Artificial Intelligence) could be published in the “Open Library” of the alliance.

Our director is not a special member of the European Alliance for Artificial Intelligence, he is one more of the group, but together we can make society and citizens can be. Europe is everyone's job, and the technological future too.

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