Robots in a rush: time-aware AI aids human-machine interaction

Time is an illusion, breakfast time doubly so. In future, human workers might not be alone in experiencing frenetic mornings thanks to EU-funded researchers who have equipped robots with human-like time perception capabilities – and tested them in the kitchen

European Union, 13-03-2020

The TIMESTORM consortium, funded by the EU’s Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) programme, has transformed the notion of time perception in artificial intelligence from an immature, poorly defined subject into a promising new research strand, drawing on diverse expertise in psychology and neurosciences as well as robotics and cognitive systems. Currently, TIMESTORM results are supporting various ongoing national and international research activities, including the EU-funded project sustAGE that aims to extend and enhance the productivity and well-being of elderly workers. Coordinating partner FORTH has also set up a strategic long-term partnership with the Honda Research Institute Japan on the use of TIMESTORM technology, amid ongoing discussions and negotiations with robotics companies about potential commercial applications. ‘Although there are numerous aspects of time yet to be explored and further work is definitely needed to deliver mature and robust technology, we strongly believe that TIMESTORM can serve as the basis for natural, time-aware, human-robot symbiosis,’ the project coordinator says. ‘We estimate that it will be at least one decade before robots are routinely designed with the capacity to perceive time, but the market potential of these technologies is enormous.’

European Union, 13-03-2020. []
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