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Packages are the fundamental units of reproducible R code. They include reusable R functions, the documentation that describes how to use them, and sample data. In this book you’ll learn how to turn your code into packages that others can easily download and use. Writing a package can seem overwhelming at first. So start with the basics and improve it over time. It doesn’t matter if your first version isn’t perfect as long as the next version is better.


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 The whole game
  • 3 System setup
  • 4 Package structure and state
  • 5 Fundamental development workflows
  • II Package components
  • 6 R code
  • 7 Package metadata
  • 8 Object documentation
  • 9 Vignettes: long-form documentation
  • 10 Testing
  • 11 Namespace
  • 12 External data
  • 13 Compiled code
  • 14 Installed files
  • 15 Other components
  • III Sharing with others
  • 16 Git and GitHub
  • 17 Automated checking
  • 18 Releasing a package


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Hadley Wickham

is an Assistant Professor and the Dobelman FamilyJunior Chair in Statistics at Rice University. He is an active memberof the R community, has written and contributed to over 30 R packages, and won the John Chambers Award for Statistical Computing for his work developing tools for data reshaping and visualization. His research focuses on how to make data analysis better, faster and easier, with a particular emphasis on the use of visualization to better understand data and models.


Jennifer Bryan

Ph.D. and M.A. in Biostatistics. Software engineer. Ordinary Member at R Foundation. (Source: jennybryan.org/about)

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