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A review of the product for research, educational and recommendations.

Recommendation in beta release. In analysis state… ⌛

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Made With ML is a platform for the ML community to discover, build and share projects. Our goal is to create a learning space where all of the best ML content is tagged, organized and curated. And as you use the platform and learn, we guide you through building projects and showcase them for research, collaboration and getting your next ML job.

Goku Mohandas



Discover projects with code/articles on niche topics that interest you


Build projects of your own using what you’ve learned from others.


Share your projects and showcase your profile for jobs / collaboration.

Principal responsible

Goku Mohandas

Bibliography (Unofficial. For informational purposes only):

I’m an AI researcher with a background in medicine/healthcare and I’ve previously worked at Apple for several years as an AI lead and then went on to lead the ML team at a startup in the oncology space. I also deeply care about education and democratizing ML. I created a free course on GitHub called practicalAI ( to show that anyone in any domain can learn AI and it’s currently among the top 10 repositories of all time on GitHub. More recently, I’m the founder of Made With ML, a free platform focused on enabling the ML community to learn and innovate. – (

Goku Mohandas

Please, thanks for being able to try this product

Thank you very much for this work to @GokuMohandas, via @States_AI_IA #ML #Machinelearning #ai #artificialintelligence #thebibleai #openscience #openaccess #research #thanks

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