Cyber Europe 2020: Preparing healthcare sector to respond to cyber crises

In 2020, European countries and the EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) should have organised the 6th pan European cyber crisis exercise, Cyber Europe 2020 (CE2020). However, due to the current health crisis Cyber Europe will be shifted to a later date, yet to be announce. CE2020 is part of the bi-annual Cyber Europe series of exercises launched in 2010. The last exercise in the series, Cyber Europe 2018, involved over 1000 participants from across Europe. The exercise is organised for IT security, business continuity and crisis management teams coming from EU and EFTA Member States only. You can participate by getting in contact with competent national authorities. (

Oficial website:

ENISA manages the programme of pan-European exercises named Cyber Europe

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This is a series of EU-level cyber incident and crisis management exercises for both the public and private sectors from the EU and EFTA Member States. The Cyber Europe exercises are simulations of large-scale cybersecurity incidents that escalate to become cyber crises. The exercises offer opportunities to analyse advanced technical cybersecurity incidents but also to deal with complex business continuity and crisis management situations. Cyber Europe exercises feature exciting scenarios, inspired by real-life events, developed by European cybersecurity experts. Thus each of the exercises is effectively a flexible learning experience for the participants. (Source:

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