Actions for Industry: Open Banking

Date & GMT+2 time:  Thursday, June 25, 2020 – 
18:30 pm (Free webinar).

Speaker: Adrián Navarro. Adrián Navarro, technical product specialist. Adrián works at Tink as a product specialist, helping fintech, start-ups and other companies in Spain and Portugal to take full advantage of Tink’s open banking platform, expanding their current products or launching new innovative use cases.


Discover the opportunities and use cases of the open banking movement using Tink’s open platform. Tink, fintech leader in Europe in open banking services (aggregation and enrichment of bank data), opens its platform with a self-service format so that fintech and SMEs across Europe can take advantage of the potential that comes with the open banking movement.

1. Registro en la plataforma de Tink:

 2. Guía para comenzar a desarrollar:

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