Annex paper

The need for a system view to regulate artificial intelligence/machine learning-based software as medical device

FDA need to widen their scope from evaluating medical AI/ML-based products to assessing systems. This shift in perspective—from a product view to a system view—is central to maximizing the safety and efficacy of AI/ML in health care, but it also poses significant challenges for agencies like the FDA who are used to regulating products, not systems. We offer several suggestions for regulators to make this challenging but important transition

Defining Artificial Intelligence |🇪🇸 Definiendo Inteligencia Artificial

The starting point to develop the operational definition is the definition of AI adopted by the High Level Expert Group on artificial intelligence. To derive this operational definition we have followed a mixed methodology. On one hand, we apply natural language processing methods to a large set of AI literature. On the other hand, we carry out a qualitative analysis on 55 key documents including artificial intelligence definitions from three complementary perspectives: policy, research and industry.

Leer, asistir y comentar: una arquitectura profunda para la generación automática de comentarios

La generación automática de comentarios de noticias es una nueva plataforma para las técnicas de generación de lenguaje natural. En este documento, proponemos un procedimiento de “lectura, comentario y atención” para la generación de comentarios de noticias y formalizamos el procedimiento con una red de lectura y una red de generación. La red de lectura comprende un artículo de noticias y extrae algunos puntos importantes de él, luego la red de generación crea un comentario al atender los puntos discretos extraídos y el título de la noticia.