Best Practices in Dataviz: An R Perspective

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“Rmarkdown document for a statistical computing workshop I gave at Vanderbilt. A brief overview of some common visualization mistakes and code to fix them in ggplot. Provides an overview of some newer visualization tools”.

“By the end of this you will have had a whirlwind tour of the very tip of the data visualization best-practices iceberg. We will go over a broad range of topics generally applicable to data science usecases but not dive too deep into any single one. One thing to keep in mind the whole time is none of this is absolutely set in stone, most often in the real world you have to bend or break some of these rules to do what you want”.


Nick Strayer. PhD Candidate in biostatistics at Vanderbilt. Focusing on data visualization and unsupervised machine learning. Former New York Times graphics intern.. (Source:

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