Diagnostic uncertainty calibration: towards reliable machine predictions in medical domain


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🔘 Paper page: arxiv.org/abs/2007.01659v2


Label disagreement between human experts is a common issue in the medical domain and poses unique challenges in the evaluation and learning of classification models. In this work, we extend metrics for probability prediction, including calibration, i.e., the reliability of predictive probability, to adapt to such a situation. We further formalize the metrics for higher-order statistics, including inter-rater disagreement, in a unified way, which enables us to assess the quality of distributional uncertainty. In addition, we propose a novel post-hoc calibration method that equips trained neural networks with calibrated distributions over class probability estimates. With a large-scale medical imaging application, we show that our approach significantly improves the quality of uncertainty estimates in multiple metrics.


Takahiro Mimori, Keiko Sasada, Hirotaka Matsui, Issei Sato

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