Research and innovation in smart mobility and services in Europe

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Altogether, this report provides a comprehensive and up-to-date review of SMO R&I across Europe. Although with limitations (more notably, the lack of MS projects in the assessment), findings and insights into the current R&I status and future needs, help the STRIA WG to better identify R&I activities and provide valuable information to smart mobility and services stakeholders.

Research and innovation in smart mobility and services in Europe
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“For smart mobility to be cost-efficient and ready for future needs, adequate research and innovation (R&I) in this field is necessary. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of R&I in smart mobility and services in Europe. The assessment follows the methodology developed by the European Commission’s Transport Research and Innovation Monitoring and Information System (TRIMIS). The report critically assesses research by thematic area and technologies, highlighting recent developments and future needs.”.


Tsakalidis, A., van Balen, M., Gkoumas, K., Haq, G., Ortega Hortelano, A., Grosso, M., and Pekár, F.

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